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What Makes Christian Education Distinct From Other Education System?


2) Think World-Widely

A biblical worldview is important to any believing Christians in making sense of the life they’re living and therefore the knowledge they’re acquiring and transmitting to students. The teachers think world-widely and trained the scholars in order that they will handle any situation which will encounter their life. Their teachings make them strong and powerful. The teachers are hooked in to education and make a contagious and rich curiosity for tutorial learning and spiritual growth.


3) Study of Bible

We share the attributes of the Trinity: God the daddy , who willed the planet into being; God the Son, who spoke the creation into existence; God the Spirit, who enlightened the universe with the sunshine of life. The Christian schools have God’s Wisdom , which sanctifies our human knowledge by an understanding granted by the Holy Ghost . it is vital to review the Bible because God’s Word guides you within the right direction in life. It lights the way before you so you’ll see clearly which thanks to go.


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