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7 Steps to Take Care Before Site Migration


3. found out tracking before migrating an internet site

Before touching anything on your old site, confirm you’ve got the metrics to trace your migration progress before, during, and after. All you’ve got to try to to is list the target domain as a competitor and make a dashboard that compares the rankings, indexed pages, backlinks, and organic search traffic to the previous domain.


4. Create an entire 301 redirect map

This is the foremost important step within the migration process and I’ll tell you why – you would like to tell the search engines that you simply have moved your site to a replacement home which they have explicit instructions to vary the address. Otherwise, all the links you’ve got earned over the years will disappear and every one the profitable keyword rankings you’ve got earned will disappear. Take all the URLs from your site; Set it to the acceptable URL on the new site as best you’ll . Each URL should be mapped to a replacement relevant URL during migration supported the content on those pages. Put that during a spreadsheet.

You will use this document to use permanent 301 redirects to all or any old pages, directing users and program bots to the new and improved version of the page. Warning: Your technical team might want to undertake temporary 302 redirects as they’re often easier to implement. Don’t allow them to down! 302 redirects will tell search engines that you simply want to stay all rankings and links to old pages, which you simply want to send traffic to new pages for a brief period. this is often important during migration. The 301 redirects will make sure that all the keywords your old pages rank for will replace the old landing page with the new one. Setting the URLs this manner also ensures that you simply won’t leave pages out and show 404 “Not found” errors on them. At the top of the web site migration, any previous page on the location shouldn’t be 404, 302, or 5XX. they ought to redirect all 301s to a selected URL at the new address. Otherwise, you’ll not keep your old arrangements and need to start from scratch on the new range.


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