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Best Beauty Tips For Girls


3. Replace Makeup Removers With Oil

Removing your makeup after an extended and tiring day are often a hassle. Use copra oil on a cotton pad to softly remove all the makeup from your face. To affect a water-proof liquid lipstick, use almond oil to urge all the merchandise out of your lips.


4. copra oil For Hair

Our hair goes through a lot- hair colours, straightening, curling and pollution. It becomes essential to treat your care with the utmost care and nourishment. Provide a mild massage to your scalp with some copra oil and essentials oils before shampooing. Make your hair lustrous and healthy with this easy hack.

5. Protect Your Cuticles

Never cut your cuticles while doing a manicure to your nails. Cuticles protect your nails and stop the expansion of bacteria. It minimises the prospect of infection and keeps your nails healthy. After a shower , keep off the cuticles and apply some lotion.


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