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3 More Ways to Say Thank You while Not Actually Saying Thank You


“I Appreciate / Value You”
Maybe you’re thankful to someone for just being there for you, for having your back. once you are feeling that you simply should thank them, you would like not “thank you.” Well, albeit it expresses how you are feeling , why not trying something different? rather than saying “thank you”, say “I appreciate / value you.” this may emphasize the very fact that how important this person is to you. you’ll say this to anyone, your parents, your friends, or your partner. and that they are going to be assured how you are feeling for them. this is often one among the foremost popular 50 phrases in English which will cause you to feel really confident about your English-speaking prowess.

“Where Would I Be Without a lover Like You!”
There is an old cliched saying that you simply cannot say because of a lover . And why would you? Friends are alleged to be there unconditionally and have your back. So, obviously, you’re not alleged to say thanks. But there are times once you feel that you simply got to thank them for real. which is once you can say the phrase, “Where Would I Be Without a lover Like You!” This one shows how indispensable you think that that the friend is to you. this manner you’ll be ready to express the gratitude to not only to your friend but also to the very fact or fate that has made you two such close buddies. And once you want to find out English grammar, this sentence are often an honest lesson too as you get to find out using exclamations during a different way.


“I Truly Enjoy Working with You”
It are often your colleague, your team lead or maybe your boss you’ll be thankful to, fora great working experience. Or it are often a lover with whom you’re doing a faculty project too. Since you liked working with them, expressing that’s a worthy gesture. But a many thanks doesn’t really sum up the sensation well in an off-the-cuff way. So, rather than that, you’ll say “I Truly Enjoy Working with You” which is more convenient to use on the said occasions.

So, now as you recognize about these famous phrases in English that you simply can use rather than many thanks , start using them today. to understand more such phrases, enroll with a web English course that gives you more real life-like situations to know where you’ll use these phrases more effectively.



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