How to become Debt Free while on a Low Income

I became debt free in February 2020, just before the pandemic! and through that point , I only earned just above National wage . many of us told me that i used to be crazy for even attempting it, which I’d never manage it during this economic climate.
All I can say is that I’m glad I never listened to them!
It may have taken me longer than some couples, but the result was an equivalent , Debt Freedom!
These are the steps I took to become Debt Free while on a coffee Income.

1. you would like to understand your numbers.

This is far and away the scariest part, and therefore the reason that a lot of people don’t even start their Debt Free Journeys. It are often scary to ascertain exactly what you owe to people written down. the truth of that number are often enough to pretend you probably did not see it, and run on the other direction, choosing never to seem at your debts again.
I promise you, if you’ve got the will to face this, you’ll not be seeing that number for long.


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